FUNdraising for One Thousand Women

One Thousand Women top 5 fundraising tips

  1. Ask your good friends and family first
    Ask those closest to you to sponsorship you first. They will be most likely to give generously which will encourage others to follow suit!
  2. Aim high!
    If you fundraise through an online donation page, set yourself an achievable but ambitious target. If your target is high, your sponsors will be more likely to donate generously.
  3. Ask work to match your fundraising
    Lots of employers match all or a proportion of the funds that their employees raise for charity. Ask them if they will match your fundraising efforts!
  4. Many hands make light work
    Ask your friends, family, work colleagues, local businesses and your team mates… as many people as possible. Post your online donation page on your facebook, your twitter and your work’s intranet! If 25 of your friends each donate £10 you could reach £250 in no time at all!
  5. One Thousand Women… infinite possibilities!
    Think a little outside the box… does your family run a Family Trust or do you know anybody that sits as a Trustee for a charitable trust or foundation? Do you know any popstars or actors who may be willing to help provide some publicity for One Thousand Women?

If you receive any offline donations, please remember to ask your sponsors to fill in a Gift Aid declaration. The charity will receive 25% extra and all it will cost your sponsors is the price of a stamp… 36p for a second class stamp! You can download a Gift Aid Declaration form here.